Amazon’s gift card offer may be worth it for the world economy

The stock market is up about 2 percent for the week, after the company said it will give away gift cards worth $25 to $50 to the world’s poorest people, as well as $50 in Bitcoin to the poorest people in the world.

The program is part of Amazon’s broader effort to help the planet by making the world a better place by promoting economic development, according to Amazon.

The company announced the new program Monday.

The gift cards are for people in rural areas, cities, or low-income countries, who need cash to buy essential items, such as groceries, clothing, or household goods.

The cards will be available from, the company’s online retail site. also announced the first gift card.

The company’s e-commerce website will be selling the gift cards, which are valid for one-day shipping and $15 to $25 in bitcoin.

The idea is that people can buy goods and services online and get a low price on them from Amazon and other retailers that are willing to accept them.

The company is also making a few other announcements on Monday.

It will launch a new mobile app that lets shoppers buy, order, and receive goods on their smartphones.

The site will offer discounts and promotions at and its other video-on-demand sites.

Amazon is also testing a new online store that lets customers order groceries, laundry, and other items, and the company will start accepting payment through PayPal starting in March.