How a billionaire’s gift to the LGBTQ community transformed the world

NEW YORK — An avid outdoorsman, Bill Gates bought a lot of his childhood favorite things as a kid, from toys to books.

But he never stopped caring about them, and that was exactly what led to the foundation that he founded to help end discrimination against the LGBTQ communities.

In 2009, the billionaire philanthropist was in a remote corner of Botswana when he stumbled upon a giant gift of 100,000 gold bars and the first rainbow flag, which he christened the Gates Rainbow Flag.

It was a moment he would use for years to inspire others around the world to stand for equality.

He began using the rainbow flag to celebrate his friends’ and family’s love for equality, and he was even inspired by the rainbow itself.

In an interview with The Hill, Gates explained how he saw the rainbow as a symbol of hope and acceptance.

“You have to have that sense of hope because if we can’t get it out, if we’re not going to get it, we’re going to stay stuck,” he said.

“So I wanted to be able to give something to a community that I love and that I want to give.”

Gates’ rainbow flag is a reminder of who he is and who he wants to be in the world.

Its simple design and colorful flag, with the rainbow emblem, represent his ideals for equality and social justice.

He also designed a new version of the flag, to be used by the LGBT community and the LGBTQIA community.

“The rainbow symbolizes something that we have never experienced in our lives, but it’s also something that can be found in the very fabric of our lives,” he explained.

“In some ways, this is just about taking the challenge and the joy of this and putting it into the world and into our lives.”

Gate was also a big advocate for the LGBT rights movement.

He was the first to publicly come out as an openly gay man.

He founded the Human Rights Campaign in 1990 and was named as its first president in 2001.

Gates has also helped millions of people across the globe, from the United Nations to the International Olympic Committee to the United States, to make the world a better place for everyone.

But for Gates, his biggest impact was in the fight against AIDS.

After his AIDS diagnosis, he worked with thousands of people around the globe to provide free treatment to the sick, including thousands of gay and transgender people.

He is also a major philanthropist and philanthropist, donating more than $4 billion to organizations working for social change and equality.

While he is a billionaire, Gates has also put a lot into helping the LGBTQA community.

He has made the Gates Foundation one of the largest LGBTQ organizations in the country, with $400 million pledged to support the LGBTQ rights movement, including AIDS research and prevention.

He’s also done a lot for LGBTQIA communities in the U.S. as well, having helped fund the LGBTQ Equality Project and the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, two programs that provide education to children about LGBTQIA issues.