Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho ‘not worried’ about Roberto Di Matteo’s future

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has stressed that the Italian is not worried about the future of the former Chelsea defender, despite the fact that he has yet to receive a call from the Italian.

Conte, who will turn 65 in the coming weeks, is not expecting to leave Chelsea, despite their title hopes, but will not be surprised if Di Matteos future is unclear.

“There is no need to worry.

I am not thinking about him because we have the same manager and a similar team, so we are in a very good situation,” Conte told reporters on Tuesday.”

The only thing that is changing is the transfer situation.

I know him, he has a great reputation, but I am happy with my position and I am convinced of the future.”

He will never have another manager like him.

I’m not worried, because I know how well he is doing.

We have great players, good people and I think he will do great things for us.

“Chelsea have been linked with Di Matteolos arrival in the Premier League, but Conte is confident that the defender will find the best of a bad situation.”

We have a very, very good squad.

I think it will be difficult for him to leave,” Contes said.”

If he wants to go to a club like Manchester United, then that is the one for him, but if he wants me, then I think I will stay here.

“I have a great relationship with [Jose] Mourinho.

He is a very strong, hard-working man and he is very, highly respected.

He has great faith in me and I will do everything in my power to help him achieve his goals.”

Di Matteo has been linked to Arsenal, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur in recent months, but is not expected to depart Stamford Bridge anytime soon.

“This is not the case,” Conme added.

“For me it’s a matter of not being too concerned because I have my priorities, and I have no doubts about what I have to do.

I’ve never worked for anybody else.””

There is a great team here and I’ve been here a long time.

I’ve never worked for anybody else.”