Gift cards worth more than $300 million stolen from Australia

A huge fraudster stole $3.7 billion worth of gift cards from a Sydney shopping centre, the Australian Federal Police said on Monday, while the Australian Taxation Office said the money was worth more in cash than the value of a white elephant gift card.

The Australian Federal Government said it was aware of the breach, which affected an Australian retailing company and its partners, which has not yet been identified.

The stolen cards were used in the promotion of a new mobile phone and were issued to cardholders in the retail industry, including the major Australian card operators.

“This breach involves a number of businesses, which include some of the country’s biggest retailers, including Woolworths, Coles, Westpac, Woolworth and Marks & Spencer,” a Woolworth spokesman said.

“We are continuing to work closely with the AFP to investigate and investigate all potential leads.”

The company said the breach affected around 2,400 customers, and that no customer was injured.

“The cards were stolen by a foreign individual or individuals, using fraudulent credit cards and cards that were purchased on behalf of customers,” Woolworth said in a statement.

“All cards were subject to an internal audit process which we believe has been carried out and that is still ongoing.”

Woolworth said the cards were valid and accounted for.

The bank said it did not know who the fraudster was or how the stolen money was spent.

“Woolies customers are confident that their cards will be returned to them within 24 hours,” Woolies said in the statement.

Woolys has more than 300 million cards and has over 10 million customers.

Woolills card holders have already been told to use a new system to pay their bills online and to check their balance online.