When the bride wears a necklace to her bridal shower

It’s not often that a bride has to do something special to make her own wedding day a memorable one, but that’s exactly what one man did.

The wedding of a woman who has undergone breast reconstruction surgery and a wedding to a man who had lost his eye has been dubbed “the bride of the bridegroom of the groom” in a video posted by The Wedding Bazaar.

The video shows a man in his 50s dressed as his wife, and while he wears a crown on his head, he can be seen holding up a necklace that looks exactly like a necklace his wife gave him.

“I’m here to celebrate the life of my best friend, and for me, this is the most beautiful thing,” the man tells the camera as he takes the ring off his wife’s finger.

“We had a wedding.

It’s just not the same.”

It wasn’t just the man who did the deed though, as he also got the full-circle treatment for his friend, who was one of the people who got the surgery.

He also wears a brace on his left hand to show he has been through it and his wife has undergone reconstruction surgery, which was performed on her left breast.

The man who filmed the video, who asked not to be named, said: “I’m just glad we can be together again.”

He added that it’s not about how his friend feels about having undergone surgery, but the “spirit of the marriage”.

“When we’re together, we’re stronger and we’re happier.

We’re more present with each other,” he said.”

We have more of an identity that we can share.”

It has been a few years since the wedding was filmed, but it was filmed in May.

In August 2016, the man’s wife, who had undergone the same procedure, had a surprise.

She had a special reception at her home and was able to wear the same wedding dress her husband had worn when she had been undergoing the operation.

She was able wear the dress on her wedding day.