When do you get to know your new team’s players?

The NHL Players Association is taking some heat over a decision to give retired players the option of receiving a $2,500 annual retirement gift.

The move, which was first reported by the Toronto Star, is an effort to bring more diversity to the league.

But some players are questioning the wisdom of it, as the new plan will not include retired players or their families.

According to a source, the league is planning to implement the new rule in 2018, with the exception of the 2018-19 season.

This season, players with at least three years of service can receive a gift worth up to $2.5 million, and players who have not retired will receive the gift of $2 million.

In a statement, the NHLPA said that the rule is intended to bring greater parity to the game, and that the NHL will continue to work to make it a fairer and more inclusive environment for players, families and fans.

“It is unfortunate that some players will be excluded from the plan as they have made a career of representing their country,” said Mike Cammalleri, a veteran of more than three decades with the New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning.

“I will be the first to admit that the players’ union has not been successful in reaching a solution to the issue.

It is unfortunate the plan is not designed to be equitable to all players.””

The players will not be receiving a portion of the money that would be going into the fund,” said Cammilleri, who is currently playing in Russia.

“They have to have their money back.

It would be a great thing to bring it in.

I think the players will want to see it.””

It was the plan and it was put in place, so I think it’s good that they made it,” added Cammelleri, now an assistant coach with the Los Angeles Kings.

“Hopefully they will be able to get their money out and have a chance to celebrate.

It will be fun to see the players celebrate.

I hope they do.”

According to the plan, a player can be eligible for a gift if he has played at least four seasons in the NHL, and if he received at least one assist during his career.

The plan will also give retired NHL players the opportunity to purchase tickets for the 2018 All-Star Game, the 2019 NHL All-Rookie Team, and the 2020 NHL All Star Game.

However, the only way a retired player can purchase tickets is through a new fund that will be created by the league, which will be administered by the Players’ Association.

The Players’ Union said the plan will create a new and improved opportunity for players to connect with fans, while making the game more accessible to them and to other retired players.

The players union added that this new fund will allow players to have a greater chance to participate in future festivities such as the All-Canadian Game, and will help bring back some of the players from the past who would otherwise have retired.

“This will help create a better environment for the players and create a positive and lasting legacy for our fans and players,” said David Tanguay, president and CEO of the Players Association.

“As a proud member of the NHL and an avid fan, I’m proud that I have been part of the effort to ensure the future of the game.”

The new plan comes at a time when players have been coming out in support of the retirement plan.

Players including Jarome Iginla, Patrick Kane and Jaromir Jagr have all spoken out against the plan.