How to make a baby shower gift for your friends

LULULEMON, Queensland – “Boom” is a big part of Lululem’s Christmas spirit, with all the baby goodies and swag it sells.

But what if you could get your friends and family a glimpse of your special gift for their newborns?

Lululeman’s new baby shower, The Gift of Baby, is bringing together the best brands, services and products to make the most of your newborn’s first Christmas.

The Gift of Babies will take place at Lulules gift shop at 11am on November 25.

The store is also selling baby gear, baby toys, and a baby carrier for a limited time.

Lulules customers will be able to try out all the best baby gifts for their friends, including baby shower gifts, baby clothes, baby accessories, baby blankets, baby socks and baby toys.

They can also try out the latest baby fashion trends, including cute baby outfits and baby face masks.LULU’s Baby Gear & Beauty will also be on sale from 9am to 6pm, while the Lulula Gift Shop will be open from 8am to 5pm, from Thursday to Saturday.

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