How to get your child a Christmas gift basket

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Christmas gifts for children are expensive but for the parents who make them, they are a source of joy and pride.

So how can you make your kid a Christmas present in the season of scarcity?

For parents of children ages 2 to 17, the perfect gift basket can include anything from books to cars to a dog and a lot more.

But the basket will have to be packed to a degree that doesn’t make the package too heavy.

Here’s how to make your own.

Some kids can be able to pick up toys for free, but others will need to spend a few dollars to get a toy from a local toy store or a toy-making shop.

The idea is that a child’s toy collection will grow over time, and that makes it easier to make the gift basket.

A child who can make his own gift basket will save money and spend less time shopping.

For some, it can be a challenge to figure out how to arrange the perfect package.

Some parents make the basket out of a piece of cardboard, cardboard cutouts or even cardboard boxes.

Others fold paper, cardboard, and other materials to make baskets.

For many parents, the hardest part is deciding what materials to use.

The best solution is to create your own gift box.

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