How the ‘perfect’ gift can bring happiness to someone in need

Dog and cat owners will be among the many beneficiaries of the new dog memorials in New Delhi, the capital of the country, this year. 

As part of a campaign by the National Dog Preservation and Care Trust, which was launched on September 15, the dog and cat memorials have been erected in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. 

A new animal memorial in New York City, with a dog on the obverse, was inaugurated by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. 

More than 150 pet owners, including animal lovers, have signed a petition to create an animal sanctuary in the city. 

“This is a great way for dog lovers to show their love for their dogs and show their support for the animal kingdom,” said Pankaj Kumar, a founder of the trust.

“They are going to be welcomed and appreciated,” he added.

The memorials are in support of dog owners who lost their pets in accidents and other disasters. 

The pet owners have been invited to visit the new memorial, which will include a pet park, a pet rescue centre, a shelter, a vet clinic, a rehabilitation centre, and a dog park. 

In New York, the memorial will be in the shape of a dog and a cat, with the words ‘Pray for Dogs’ on the back.

The memorial is being made up of five different designs and will be open for public viewing from September 25 to November 4.

The animals, whose owners are being asked to sign a petition, will be buried in a pet cemetery in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

The animal memorials will be located in the New York metropolitan area and will cost $50,000 to construct.

“We want people to show compassion for these dogs,” Kumar said.

“The pet cemetery has been built by volunteers from the shelter, the shelter has been asked to help the owners with the construction of the pet cemetery.”

The charity is expecting to receive about 2,000 signatures in the next three months.