4 of 5 gift cards are from moms: Mother gift cards

The fourth gift card is from a mom in Colorado, who purchased her son a pair of sunglasses and a pair that can be used to send the glasses back to him.

The gift cards were from mom and daughter, who said they bought the glasses for their son, whose mother has Alzheimer’s disease.

“It was just a beautiful surprise.

I have a lot of memories that are just really good memories,” said mother of two Kristina Rios.

“I just feel like it’s my responsibility to make him smile.

It was a really, really cool moment for him and a great way to make sure he gets the sunglasses.”

The mom and her daughter, Stephanie DePier, said they’re excited to get back to the beach and play.

“We’re really happy that we got to spend our days at home and do some relaxing, because it’s going to be a while,” DePiers said.

The other gift cards that were purchased by mom and their daughter are from the same store.

The mother, Stephanie Rios, told Vice News that she bought the sunglasses to send back to her son who has Alzheimer, a condition that affects the brain.

The sunglasses are worth about $400 each.

DePries’ mom, who had an insurance policy that covers her husband’s medical bills, said the glasses were her way of sending them back to their son who is battling a rare form of dementia.

“He has been battling Alzheimer’s since he was 10 years old and has been in a lot more than a few different rooms, and so we thought it was just the right thing to do for him to get some more time off,” she said.

Stephanie DeBrios’ son, Dylan, is a 10-year-old with severe dementia who needs regular physical therapy and therapy that helps with the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

She said she’s not sure what’s next in her life with her son.

“The biggest thing that’s on my mind right now is Dylan, to get him back to me.

I just want him to feel better.

I’m so excited for him,” she told Vice.

Stephanie said she hopes that by purchasing the sunglasses, she will have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on her son’s life.

“So I’m just trying to make my life easier,” she added.

The fourth pair of glasses were purchased at Walmart in Florida.

The third pair of gift cards also came from Walmart, and were purchased from the store.

A gift card from mom was purchased at a Target in California.

A store employee gave Vice News the name of the gift card for $100.