A man’s heartfelt gift to his girlfriend has landed him in court with a hefty debt after he spent thousands of dollars in gifts for her

A man who spent thousands in gifts on his girlfriend’s birthday has had to pay more than $1,000 in court fees after a judge ruled he should not be held responsible for the costs.A hearing has been set in Hamilton […]

UK mum who bought gifts for her girlfriends to give them as Christmas presents says ‘it’s just too hard’

A mum who said her girlfriends gifts for them to give to their boyfriends were “too hard” has come under fire after her family were left feeling “bored and lonely”.The mother, from Manchester, said they spent the Christmas holidays in […]

How to Spend Your Christmas Gift Card With Granny Source Business Insider title How To Spend Your Holiday Gift Card with Granny from Best Christmas Gifts

Granny is the perfect Christmas gift for you.She has an awesome sense of humor and is also very active.Her house has a big fireplace and a beautiful outdoor pool, and she also has an indoor sauna, a full kitchen, and […]