India, China, US launch new gift delivery system, moms day gifts

China is set to launch its own service for gifting mothers’ gifts on Mother’s Day, as the US and India have signed a deal for an international network of delivery services for gifts.

The US-China deal is the latest development in the burgeoning relationship between the countries.

In India, a mother can make a gift for her daughter for free by simply uploading her photograph to the platform and then paying a small fee for delivery.

In China, however, the gift delivery option is only available for women.

The $25 fee will allow for the delivery of an entire package.

This is similar to what is currently offered by Amazon Prime, which charges a fee of $99 for an annual membership, or the US-based $99-per-month plan from eBay, which gives the same access to all of its products.

Amazon is also offering a limited number of free packages through its Prime Now delivery service.

China’s first delivery service, Gionee, launched its services in the country in January last year.

The company’s new delivery service will be launched by Gione on May 3 and offer a gift delivery service for mothers, the company said in a statement on Thursday.

Gionee’s Gionx service is part of a larger Chinese e-commerce ecosystem, with Amazon Prime Now, Alibaba’s Taobao and other e-tailers offering similar services.

The Gionex service, like Amazon’s Prime Now service, will be available for the first time in India.

Gee will provide free gifts to mothers, including a variety of gift cards, cash and other payment options, and a variety in the form of stickers.

The delivery service also will be integrated into Gionox’s e-retailers, the statement said.

Gions, an Indian e-gift company, said it has received more than 2,000 orders for the Gionxfinder app, which is available for Android and iPhone, and will be made available in India on May 4.

“Gionx is an opportunity to make a small and easy gift to your mother,” Gionys chief executive Nirmal Bhandari said in the statement.

“With the help of this app, we will be able to bring her a gift which will be of immense benefit to her family and to us.”