How to make a gift for your best friend

The best gift for a friend who’s busy with work is a pair of headphones.

The company’s PlayStation VR headset is a must-have item for most PlayStation fans, as is a Sony Xperia smartphone.

But Sony is also selling a special gift for employees who have worked in partnership with Google or Amazon.

“The PlayStation VR and the Sony Xperia devices are the most popular VR headsets on the market today, and they’re the only devices that can bring a virtual reality experience to your workplace,” said Scott M. Shackelford, Sony senior vice president of worldwide corporate social responsibility.

The two headsets have been available to employees at Sony, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook since September 2016.

Employees with more than five years of experience in the VR industry are eligible to participate.

The Sony Xperia VR headset and the Microsoft Xbox One are two of the most affordable VR headsets available today.

The PlayStation VR offers a comfortable, motion-controlled experience for a variety of uses, and can be used with smartphones and tablets.

The HTC Vive virtual reality headset costs $600, while the Oculus Rift costs $800.

But you don’t need to spend much money to get into VR.

The headsets have a price tag of just under $300, making them a great deal for the vast majority of people.

The devices are great for short-term use, but you can also use them to enjoy the full immersive experience with multiple friends.

Shackles and headphones are also available for employees at all of Sony’s subsidiaries, including Sony Music, Sony Entertainment, Sony Pictures, Sony Electronics and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Shops around the world have been selling the PlayStation VR headsets for years.

“We’ve seen that people are interested in purchasing the PlayStation headset because of the benefits it brings to their personal and professional lives,” Shackel said.

“People want the opportunity to get to know their friends in a way that isn’t just a virtual environment.”

The PlayStation headset works with PlayStation VR apps on smartphones and mobile devices.

You can use the headset to control the experience, or use the app to play your favorite movies and TV shows.

You also can use your phone or tablet to take pictures of the environment.

The headset features two speakers, an in-dash mic, a 3.5mm headset jack, a 4.7-inch screen, a microSD card slot and an HDMI port.

The device is sold in two versions: the PlayStation Plus headset and Sony’s standard headset.

The Standard headset is designed to be worn at home.

It includes an adjustable strap and headset attachment, a microphone, a battery and an included remote.

The PS Plus headset includes a wireless headset adapter, which you can use to hook the headset directly to your phone.

The standard headset also comes with a pair or three wireless earbuds.

The smartphone version of the headset comes with the Sony’s Play Store, a catalog of apps and games.

The app store features hundreds of games, movies and apps.

Some apps offer a more immersive experience than the standard version.

For example, the PS Plus can record and stream video from movies and video chats in virtual reality.

You’ll also find apps that can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

Some games from the Sony Store also come with an in game avatar.

“You can find apps you’ll love playing and games that you’ll find really fun,” said Chris Brown, director of technology for PlayStation.

Sony’s headset comes in two flavors: the Standard and PlayStation Plus.

The first version comes with three wireless headphones.

A third wireless headset can be purchased separately.

You get one set of headphones, a wireless controller, a PlayStation app and a headset, and the controller comes with an audio cord.

The controllers come in black and white and have a touch pad.

The second headset comes without headphones, but with a wireless remote.

A headset is not included.

Shantz said that the company plans to offer the headset at retail stores and at the PlayStation Experience, the largest PlayStation event every year.

Shacia said the company expects the headset will become a staple in many people’s homes.

Shaca said the Sony headset will be available in stores in the first half of 2020.

The wireless headsets are made by a Sony subsidiary called Gearbox Software.

Sony also has a subsidiary called Oculus VR, which produces its own headsets.

Oculus VR is owned by Facebook and Facebook owns Oculus Studios.

Oculus has been releasing its own virtual reality headsets since 2017.

The Oculus Rift headset costs about $600.

The Gearbox software is sold on a downloadable software and services store called the Oculus Store.

Gearbox is not a partner of Sony.

The Xbox One headset costs just $400.

The price difference between the two headsets is about $100.

Sony is not disclosing the total cost of the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One headsets.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear headset costs an extra $200.

Shacek, who works in product management at Sony’s consumer product unit