Microsoft launches a ‘sympathetic’ gift card for gamers

Microsoft has launched a new online gaming gift card to support the charitable cause of “gifts that make a difference”.

In a statement, Microsoft said it was creating the Gift Card Program (GCP) for the purpose of “supporting the gaming community”.

“The GCP is an initiative for our community, the Xbox family, to give back to the games industry through the support of gift cards,” the statement said.

“Microsoft is donating $1 each month to the GCP and all other gaming charities through our support of their programs.”

The program is not limited to Xbox gaming and will also be available on the Xbox Store and the Microsoft Store.

The GCPs are used to pay for gaming subscriptions and to purchase gifts for Xbox gamers.

Microsoft says that “the GCP program is a way for us to give gamers a sense of support and solidarity through the generosity of their friends, family and colleagues”.

“We’ve heard your feedback about the GCPs and our intention is to bring the program to every gamer on Xbox One, as well as those who are on Xbox 360 and Xbox One S,” the company said.

“We’re also planning to give more support to the gaming communities that we work with on the PC platform.”

Microsoft said the GCPS program would run for six months and would be available through the Xbox store and the Xbox Marketplace.

Microsoft also said the gift card program would be “included in the GCS program and accessible for free via the Xbox app and other Microsoft services”.

The GCPS, launched on Thursday, is available for $5 on Xbox Marketplace and the GC Store, and can be used to purchase Xbox games.