Which Wedding Gifts Are My Kids Going to Love?

My kids have been looking forward to seeing the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. 

The movie opens on December 18. 

And as they get closer to it, they are going to want to make sure their favorite characters are there. 

So, what would my kids love to see in the film? 

We all have a few favorites and we all love our favorite characters. 

Some of my favorite films include: Halloween and The Shining (both horror movies) The Matrix (sci-fi movie) Frozen (fantasy film) American Beauty (movie with the most iconic character in the franchise) Crocodile Dundee (animated TV show) Sleeper (anime series) Alfie’s House (animation) Shrek (movie series) I am also a big fan of my own daughter, who is the same age as me. 

I love watching her when I am not at home with her. 

My youngest daughter, Maddie, loves to sing and dance and I can’t wait to watch her perform in front of the movie set! 

My two oldest children, Lily and Sophie, love playing with the kids in the yard, and they also love seeing us all together. 

We have a lot of fun together and it is so exciting to be able to share these special moments with them. 

When they see us together, they can’t believe we are together.

So, what do you love about watching Star Wars movies? 

How about these awesome gifts that your kids can get in the future?