When you’re a McDonalds gift recipient, don’t forget to get a birthday gift

Starbucks and McDonalds are giving away more than a million gift cards in the coming days, but don’t let that deter you from getting your hands on one of the iconic brands.

The company announced Wednesday that gift card giveaways will be running throughout the holiday season, starting on Jan. 2 and lasting through Jan. 5.

The giveaways will start at the following locations:In total, Starbucks is offering up to $300 worth of gift cards for every gift recipient who logs on to their account on Feb. 7, according to the company.

The coffee chain is giving away a total of 1,000 gift cards worth $3,000, including 50% off the Starbucks Gift Card.

The gift cards can be used at Starbucks locations nationwide.

The offer is good for a limited time and can be redeemed from Starbucks’ website or gift card machines.

The Starbucks Gift Cards can be spent on gift cards or gift cards that are not tied to a Starbucks purchase, such as Starbucks gift cards from Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart and other retail chains.

“As one of America’s most beloved brands, Starbucks stands out in the fast-food industry,” said Mark McMorris, Starbucks senior vice president and general manager of corporate communications, in a statement.

“As a family-owned and operated business, we want our customers to feel valued and we’ve partnered with the best brands in the industry to give back to our community.

We’re offering up $3 million worth of our Starbucks Gift cards for the holidays and look forward to seeing all of our community members receive a big present.”

McMorris said Starbucks is also giving away gift cards with gift codes that will be used to redeem Starbucks gift card purchases at select retailers, including Macy’s, Target and Walmart.

In addition, the company is giving the gift cards to anyone who logs onto their account after Feb. 5 and the gift card can be exchanged for a Starbucks gift or gift certificate.

The gift cards are valid for six months.