What’s the best gift for someone who’s just graduated?

2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas 1.

You’re not the only one who’s had an epiphany 2.

Your life is filled with great ideas 3.

You feel like you’ve got a secret gift 4.

You think you’re ready to give someone a gift 5.

You’ll never get a date again 6.

Your friends are all jealous 7.

Your dog loves to jump on your shoulders 8.

Your favorite holiday has a new name 9.

You got a new book that you’ve been reading 10.

You’ve got an old photo album 11.

Your house is filled to the brim with beautiful things 12.

You want to get a job 13.

You just got married 14.

You have a new car that you can’t wait to buy 15.

You bought a new dress for your wedding anniversary 16.

You need to make some changes 17.

You had to get some help to get your apartment cleaned 18.

You recently found out you have cancer 19.

You learned something new 20.

You wanted to start a new business 21.

You really like to be outdoors 22.

You were inspired to start your own business 23.

You found out your mother was pregnant 24.

You love your favorite TV show 25.

You know a favorite movie 26.

You like to paint your nails 27.

You liked your friend’s mom 28.

You don’t have any hobbies 29.

You always think of something new to do 30.

You can never seem to stop thinking about your mom 31.

You are constantly reminded of the good times you had 32.

You plan your wedding day 33.

You decided to have your own baby 34.

You look forward to going to the movies 35.

You start your anniversary celebration 36.

You made a list of all your favorite places to go and do things 37.

You make a list every year 38.

You spend your last few days planning for the future 39.

You remember all the good memories that you had 40.

You started a new website 41.

You tried to stop drinking because of the health problems 42.

You didn’t want to spend time drinking 43.

You get up early because you don’t want people to see you 44.

You go to a friend’s birthday party 45.

You put your name in a hat 46.

You say something you wish you would have said 47.

You take a photo with your friends 48.

You share something special with someone 49.

You decide to take a vacation 50.

You try to figure out how you are going to pay your bills 51.

You wish you could take a class with someone 52.

You write down your wishes 53.

You dream about your favorite movie 54.

You do a lot of shopping 55.

You wake up early and go to bed early 56.

You talk to a close friend 57.

You visit a friend 58.

You sit on a beach 59.

You use a computer 60.

You wear a bracelet 61.

You keep a journal to remind yourself of what you’ve done 62.

You celebrate your birthday 63.

You work on a new project 64.

You ask for a favor 65.

You tell your partner you want them to be your best friend 66.

You enjoy your friends 67.

You call a friend to ask them to give you a favor 68.

You learn a new skill 69.

You meet a new friend 70.

You build something amazing 71.

You find a new hobby 72.

You volunteer with a nonprofit organization 73.

You discover a new activity 74.

You buy a gift for your family 75.

You donate your time 76.

You give a gift to a child or loved one 77.

You create a new gift for yourself 78.

You change a personal brand 79.

You become a better person 80.

You stop eating or drinking 81.

You set a goal for yourself 82.

You choose a new date 83.

You begin a new job 84.

You pay for your own health insurance 85.

You save money 86.

You add a new item to your shopping list 87.

You schedule a date 88.

You check into a hotel 89.

You purchase a new home 90.

You move out of your parents house 91.

You open a new chapter 92.

You organize a new course 93.

You upgrade your home 94.

You design a new desk 95.

You develop a new game 96.

You teach a new lesson 97.

You invent a new product 98.

You invest in a new invention 99.

You participate in a program 100.

You graduate from college 101.

You quit your job 102.

You sell a new device 103.

You send your kids to college 104.

You travel the world 105.

You join a club 106.

You marry a girl 107.

You live together 108.

You form a new relationship 109.

You adopt a new pet 110.

You switch careers 111.

You help a stranger 112.

You support your old friend 113.

You offer a job to someone you know 114.

You invite a friend over 115.

You receive a letter from