How to get the best birthday gift cards on the internet

Recode is a popular podcast for tech and business executives, and it recently launched a series of new podcast shows called Recode Deals.

Now, the company is bringing its deals to the internet, and the first one is an Android app.

Recode’s Deals podcast app lets you search for deals from retailers and get a list of deals from popular apps like Facebook Messenger, Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play.

The app includes a “Top Deals” section that includes deals from some of the biggest brands in the space, including Walmart, Target, and Nike.

You can also browse through deals from Amazon and other retailers.

You’ll be able to buy up to three deals per day.

You get a 10 percent discount on all purchases and get an exclusive discount for a certain birthday.

The podcast is still in beta, but Recode expects it to launch in the coming weeks.