How to buy a Tesla gift card

It’s one of the most lucrative deals around, with one uber giftcard being worth around £3,400 (US$5,500).

That’s about double the value of the other, the other being a £1,500 Tesla car token.

But what are the chances of getting your hands on one?

While there’s a small chance of getting a Tesla for free (there’s a 50 per cent chance of someone getting a free Tesla if they ask), there’s also a very slim chance of winning one.

That’s because, in order to enter the contest, you must have a valid Tesla account.

And you can only win if you’re an uber user.

So how can you win a Tesla?

Firstly, the winner has to be signed up to the uber service and be over the age of 18 by Wednesday, May 15, 2018.

Secondly, the winning car must be owned by a person who has signed up for the uber store, which means it has to have a Tesla model in it.

You can also enter the Tesla store if you own a car with an Uber service, but you’ll be limited to one car per account.

So if you’ve been in touch with an uber customer and they’re willing to give you their car for free, you’re now officially eligible to win a prize worth around $3,600 (US $5,600).

But if you can’t be bothered to take a chance, you can still use a virtual currency called Zcash to win the prize.

That means you can buy a £100 (AU$175) Tesla giftcard for as little as £10.99 (NZ$19.99).

That’s around £15 worth of car tokens to use for the prize if you buy a car using a giftcard.

But if the winner of the prize isn’t you, they can still win the $3 million Tesla token.

So you can win a $3.2 million Tesla car if you have a current account with Uber.

The contest is open from 11am on Tuesday May 12, 2018, until 11pm on Tuesday June 4, 2018 and the winner will be announced on Wednesday, June 5, 2018 at 11:59pm NZ time.