How to get a gift for mom, mom’s favorite foods

On Wednesday, a couple of the foodie’s favorite food items are back in the gift basket, thanks to a post on the company’s Facebook page.

The post was shared more than 2,000 times.

It was shared by a Facebook user named Kathy, who told the outlet that her mother’s favorite dishes are “Cajun beef,” “Frito Pie” and “Pizza with cheese.”

In her post, Kathy said her mom’s “favorite dishes are not the food, but the memories of it.”

“We are blessed with memories that last a lifetime and the ones that remind us to be grateful for the food that we have eaten, especially those delicious dishes we grew up on and ate everyday for years,” Kathy said.

“The memory of that meal will always be one of the best memories of my life, and the fact that I am sharing that with you today, I am truly blessed and grateful.”

Kathy, who works at a retail store, said her mother “never had an occasion to cook.”

“My mom has always cooked a lot of food, and I was always thankful for her cooking, too,” Kathy wrote.

“The only time she had to do cooking was when we were home from school, and she would cook the kids dinner.”

She added, “It was a special time when my mom would prepare meals for us.

Thats when I knew my mom had it in her to be able to cook, even when she wasn’t able to have the ability to cook in my mom’s house.”

Katherine, who is also a chef, said she was inspired by Kathy’s story.

“When she shared her experience of making dinner and the food she had in the kitchen, it resonated with me,” Katherine said.

“When my mom was out of the kitchen with the kids, I knew she would be able cook, too.”