The Best 2nd Anniversary Gift Cards from Macy’s

Macy’s is making a big effort to offer up to two new gift cards per year for its customers.

The retailer is offering up to $5 million in gift cards for people who are celebrating the second anniversary of their birthdays.

The new cards come in the form of $5,000 gift cards and $10,000 for people celebrating a birthday of their own.

Macy’s is offering the gift cards in the following denominations: $5 gift card for one year; $10 gift card with one year of service; $25 gift card; $50 gift card.

The first wave of $1 million gift cards is available starting Feb. 25, and the remaining $5.5 million gift card will go out to people in December.

The new $10 million gift is only available for those who are 40 years old and over.

The Macy’s card that will be the best-selling in 2018 is the $10.5-million gift card that is going to be popular.

It is also going to have a great price tag for a gift card of that size, as the $5-$10 gift cards will be available for $15, $25, $35, and $45, respectively.

A second wave of new $25-dollar gift cards are coming out on March 7.

They are going to include a new $5-dollar discount for those celebrating a birth anniversary or a birthday. 

Macy has also added a new card for people that are celebrating their 2nd anniversary, offering up $5 and $20 gift cards.

The $5 deal is only going to work for Macy’s customers.

The next $25 dollar gift card is also being offered.

It has a $5 discount for people, but only for people 40 years and over, and only if they are 40 and over when they purchase the card.

The last $25 card, the $30, will only be available to people who buy the card during the 2nd year of their birthday.

There are other new card deals, too, like the $15-$25 $50 and $75 gift cards that will give people discounts of up to 40 percent on most products.

Macy’s has also expanded its $20-dollar card offering, with the card going on sale in January.

All of the new gift card offers are available for people in their 30s and 40s, and there is a $50 dollar card that gives people the option to spend the card on a new item in Macy’s.