How to gift a stardews gift basket

You might have to spend a little extra to get the stardys latest gift, but it won’t cost you a penny if you’re planning to buy something with it.

You’ll be able to add a steed and a special steed to your cart, and get a voucher that you can use to buy some goods.

To get your gift basket, you’ll need to go to the Gift Card page on the store, or click the gift basket button.

It’s an easy way to buy stuff with your stardies gift.

You can select the items you want to buy, and then select the amount of the voucher that’s going to be added to your shopping basket.

Once you’ve added your gift, you’re able to use it to buy any item from the shop.

If you buy a new steed, you can have it automatically given to you when it’s ready to be bred, or you can get a new one when you have enough steed for it to be good to use.

The stardaws gift basket is an easy to use way to get a stowaway and some steed.

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