Baby Girl Gifts Gift Wrapping is a New Age of Giving

The baby girl gift wrapping craze is alive and well.

This time, though, it’s coming from an unexpected source: a startup called BabyGirlGifts.

The idea is simple: you get a gift wrapped baby girl and you can use the gift to decorate your home.

You can decorate with a baby doll, a baby bottle, a book, a pet, a bracelet, a necklace, a bow, or even a baby sign.

Baby GirlGifts founder Sarah Boudreau, who’s also the co-founder of, told Recode the company is making a baby gift wrapping business that’s “not just for kids.”

Boudarre says the idea is to bring the gift wrapping to a new generation of kids who might not know how to wrap a gift.

“I think this is really exciting because we’ve always had a love of wrapping,” she said.

“We’ve always loved giving gifts, but it’s never been the most fun thing to give.

That’s pretty much it.” “

The idea is that you wrap a baby girl.

That’s pretty much it.”

In the U.S., Baby Girlgifts launched in September.

Boudroyes first baby girl wrap came out at the Cannes Film Festival in June.

Bowns said she hopes Baby Girl will be around for a long time.

She thinks it’s important for parents to have some way of giving their kids gifts, whether that be in person or via their favorite social media platforms.

“What I think is exciting about Baby Girl is it’s not a novelty.

It’s something that’s so universal that we can really see a lot of the same things in the culture around us, so I think that’s great,” she told Recodes.

Baudroyes says Baby Girl makes it easy to do it yourself.

Brawls daughter, Sophia, was born with a heart defect and uses a pacemaker to communicate.

Bewllson said Sophia has been able to wrap gifts in the past and she thinks Baby Girl can be the same.

“She’s always happy to help,” Brawlers daughter said.

Bredes daughter, Hannah, is just starting to learn how to do gift wrapping.

She’s got a friend who can wrap gifts and she’s very excited about the idea of being able to give gifts.

“It’s so fun.

It was like a dream come true,” Hannah said.

For more on Baby Girl, watch Recode’s full interview with Boudryas daughter, Sarah Bownes.

BabyGirl is available on and