Amazon Gift Cards May Be the Future of Online Shopping

Amazon Gift cards may be the future of online shopping, according to a report from Fortune.

The company has been working to develop the cards, and the company is currently making a push to reach 100 million active customers by 2021.

The cards can be purchased for a $10 Amazon gift card or for a single purchase of $250 or more.

The gift cards can also be used to purchase gift cards at other online retailers, such as Walmart.

According to Fortune, the cards are the first of their kind to be purchased by Amazon.

Amazon has been rolling out its online gift cards program since the launch of its Prime membership program in 2017.

Amazon will launch its Prime subscription service in 2020, and by 2021, Amazon plans to have 100 million people sign up to use the program.

Amazon is also planning to make online gift card purchases available to members at participating retailers.