New Apple iPhone XS Max (2018) review – 8G-LTE, 5.5-inch Retina display, 32GB RAM, 16GB storage, NFC, microSD card reader

Apple today released the first of its two iPhone Xs Max models, the iPhone X, in two color options, a white and a black.

The white model is priced at $1,000, while the black model is available for $1 in the U.S. for the first time.

Apple has previously said that it will offer two iPhone models in 2018, with both of the XS models being released for the same price.

The $1K iPhone X is the first iPhone to be released with an 8G LTE modem, while a $1.99 iPhone X Plus is the second iPhone to offer a 5.2-inch display.

Apple’s iPhone X comes with the same processor as its predecessor, but with 4GB of RAM instead of 8GB.

A microSD slot is located on the top of the iPhone, but it does not support expandable storage.

The iPhone X features a 4-inch OLED display, 5 megapixel rear camera, a 5 megabyte internal storage and an aluminum body.

Apple is also offering a 3D Touch Home button, an improved headphone jack and a new Lightning port.

Apple also announced that it is launching a new Apple Watch with an OLED display that will feature an “unparalleled experience for the most active and engaged of consumers.”

The Apple Watch Series 2 will be available starting in December.