Dog memorial gift baskets made with rice paper, plastic, and more!

The gift 2000 is an edible rice paper and paperboard patterned after a Japanese-style dog toy.

The patterns were created by a designer in San Diego, California, named Yoshimitsu Sato.

Each of the bowls has a variety of shapes and sizes and is made with various types of rice paper.

The gift baskets have different shapes, sizes, and textures to help you choose the right bowl for your dog.

There are also bowls that feature flowers, animal skulls, and even a bowl made with a toy dinosaur.

Each bowl comes with instructions and a photo tutorial on how to make the bowls.

Each bowl is approximately 5 1/2 inches in diameter and the design features a Japanese design for a Japanese dog.

Each pattern includes instructions and photos on how you can make your own.

You can find the design on the website for

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We’re thrilled to partner with these incredible craftsmen to create these delicious bowls for you.

We hope you enjoy these bowls as much as we do.

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