The White Elephant of White Elephant Gifts

What is a gift basket?

What is an individual gift basket made out of?

And why do I want to see a white elephant?

This is a special episode of “What You Need To Know About Gifts For Boys,” and we’re joined by one of our guests, Mattie St. Louis, author of the upcoming book “The White Elephant Of White Elephant Gift Baskets.”

We talk about the most essential and essential gift baskets in the world, how to make your own, and why the gift basket is such a perfect opportunity to give boys the gift they so desperately need.

Then, Matti takes us through the process of buying a gift for a boy, and the best ways to help him.

If you’re a parent, this is your chance to be a role model and a role creator in the way you give gifts to your children.

Mattie is a freelance writer, mother of two and author of “The Gift For Boys.”

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